The Art of Pitching - A Corporate Blended-Learning Training Program
Give your Ideas their Best Shot
Coming up with a good idea is one thing - but convincing others to back you is another. And we often make it hard for ourselves by not giving our ideas what they need to be bought by others. This is where the PITCH comes in. 
Entrepreneurs must be able to successfully pitch to investors. Business executives must be able to successfully pitch ideas and products to customers, management and their own teams. Most people think they are fairly good at pitching, yet few have really understood or mastered how to condense a long presentation into a short, dynamic pitch that will have impact and influence on audiences. Pitching is not just something you do in an elevator, it’s how you prepare your listeners to open their minds and start the process of getting buy-in for your new ideas and proposals. 

Join us in this blended (online/offline) learning experience where you and your team will learn how to give ideas their best shot at succeeding. This interactive workshop series is designed to improve a participant’s ability to pitch an idea, product or service powerfully, being more brief, clear and compelling.

This workshop has been specially designed for corporate teams. Because we know you are busy and bored with traditional learning courses, we have designed this to be a fun, fast-paced and highly interactive training experience. You can learn theory at your own pace from videos and online worksheets. You can work in small teams (triads) to write, record and get feedback on your practice pitches. And you can participate in live, interactive webinars with all your colleagues for sharing best practices, group learning and fun competitions.

* Pitch better to avoid “death by powerpoint” corporate mentality
* Communicate a complex message quickly & clearly
* Connect, build rapport and change people’s minds 
* Craft and deliver strong and clear messages
* Learn how to move your audience emotionally
* Encourage greater teamwork and team spirit through feedback
* Get faster “buy-in” from stakeholders
* Stop being so boring ;-)
* Be more authentic in your comms

Business OUTCOMES… How will this workshop improve your business?

Rick Salmon
Founder of Voiceable (a StartupLab Member) - All Rights Reserved