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Pitch Coaching

Why should I consider Pitch Coaching?
Coming up with a good idea is one thing - but convincing others to back you is another. And we often make it hard for ourselves by not giving our ideas what they need to be bought by others. This is where the PITCH comes in.   Entrepreneurs must be able to successfully pitch to investors. Business executives must be able to successfully pitch ideas and products to customers, management and to their own teams. Most people think they are fairly good at pitching, yet few have really learned and mastered how to condense a long presentation into a short, dynamic pitch that will have impact and influence on audiences. Pitching is not just something an entrepreneur does in an elevator, it’s how you can prepare your listeners to open their minds and start the process of getting buy-in for your new ideas and proposals. 


What is the Purpose of this Pitch Coaching Package:
There is a fundamental gap between how we pitch something and how our audience receives it. As a result, nine out of ten times when it is most vital to be convincing, we are not. Our most critical communications have a surprisingly low likelihood of being heard. To overcome this disconnect, succeed, and profit, you must first understand why it occurs and how to fix it.  That is the purpose of this coaching. 

Upon completion of this program participants will be better equipped to craft powerful and engaging pitches for their ideas, products and services. They will learn 3 different pitch structures (think: formats or recipes). They will also create, practice and get feedback on 3 of their own pitches that are directly relevant to their business. Finally, each participant will get a bonus 10-page voice analysis from Voiceable and feedback from the coach. This is intended to help them become more conscious of how one's voice can add impact to their pitches.  

The Pitch Coaching Package


  • We will work together 1:1, in person (Oslo) or over Zoom.

  • The session structure will be provided, but you will need to bring your own questions and issues

  • If you have an upcoming pitch or presentation that you are planning, this is the perfect course to use for preparation, practice and accelerated learning 

Course time requirements:

  • Participation in this coaching package will require approx. 5.5 hours in total

  • Online, live coaching (3 sessions: 1.5 hours, 1 hour, 1 hour)  TOTAL: 3.5 hours

  • Creating your own pitches (30 minutes for each of the sessions)  TOTAL: 1.5 hours

  • Instructional training videos  (10 minutes for each of the sessions)  TOTAL:  30 minutes

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