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Train your Team to Pitch their Ideas

Coming up with a good idea is one thing - but convincing others to back you is another. And we often make it hard for ourselves by not giving our ideas what they need to be bought by others. This is where the PITCH comes in.


Sales people must be able to successfully pitch products and concepts to customers, to management and to their own teams. Entrepreneurs, marketing executives and business leaders must be able to quickly pitch their ideas. Most people think they are fairly good at pitching, yet few have really mastered how to condense a long presentation into a short, dynamic pitch that will have impact and influence on audiences. Pitching is not just something you do in an elevator, it’s how you prepare your listeners to open their minds and start the process of getting buy-in for your new ideas and proposals.  Join me on this course for a fun and valuable learning experience for your sales team. 

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