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A Silent Retreat: Who are you without your Voice?

One of my life’s biggest missions is to help other people to find their voices. Not their singing voices, but their speaking voices. Learning to become a better speaker/communicator is profitable and great for your career, but discovering your Authentic Voice – your life’s calling – is one of the most fulfilling gifts of life. And being able to confidently and boldly stand up in front of an audience and speak with passion from your heart is not only empowering for you, it is exactly what this world needs. We need YOUR VOICE. Lend it to the world.

But today I’m doing something different. I’m going into 48 hours of complete and utter silence. It’s called a Silent Retreat. No phones, no internet, no books, no music, no sounds, no distractions, not even eye contact with other humans. My only tasks are to sit up, to stay awake and to keep my focus deep within. Complete silence.

So who would you be without your voice? Who would you be if you let go of having to say anything, even for just 48 hours? What would be the dialogue if you only listened to your own inner voice – to the quiet within. What might you learn about yourself? What might you learn about your life?

I will report back next week and tell you what I learned. In the meantime… Listen to your own inner voice.

I look forward to meeting you someday. Until then, remember to: Speak Up and Speak Out! The world needs your Authentic Voice.

Best Regards from Rick Salmon

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